Single Vision

Single vision lenses feature a standard single prescription across the surface of the lens. They are used for distance and reading glasses.


A bifocal lens also carries two prescriptions for distance and close-up in the one lens. Each area may be larger than a varifocal but there is no mid distance provision and the lens is divided by a visible line.


Varifocals are used when a patient requires both distance and close-up prescriptions in one lens. The latest technology means varifocal lenses have no visible line on the lens where the two prescriptions meet. By offering a range of lens types from leading specialists, we can reduce the soft focus areas that do exist in a varifocal lens to an absolute minimum.

We can also offer patients the latest digital measuring technology by Seiko which accurately delivers the measurements to create a bespoke varifocal lens which in turn, gives patients a much more comfortable result.

If you try and are unable to cope with varifocal lenses, in most cases we will swap the lenses to another type without any extra charge.

Tints and Coatings

For patients with high prescriptions where lenses have been traditionally quite thick, the constant improvement in technology means we can offer increasingly lightweight and thin alternatives to jam jar bottom glasses of the past.

Anti-reflective coating reduces the glare and reflection which can often be a cause of irritation to wearers who suffer reduced vision as well as others who see reflections rather than the wearer’s eyes.

Photochromatic technology is also much more responsive than in the past enabling wearers to switch from indoors to outdoors comfortably avoiding long delays to the shading of the lenses.

Finally, scratch resistant lenses provide a combination of improved vision as well as protection from everyday wear and tear.


Like spectacle frames, the quality of lenses varies vastly between manufacturers. We mainly use Seiko and Shamir who supply the best quality lenses at value for money prices. Their lenses are designed to give optimal vision with minimal distortion.

Video Technology

For people who cannot see clearly in a mirror without glasses, we can use our photo capture technology that takes your photo and allows you to see what you look like wearing a variety of frames.